Questions to ask when considering in-home care


How to choose in home care services?

"No, I don't need help", is likely the first response you will get from a loved one when mentioning In-Home Care services. But you notice they need assistance getting out of chairs, are wearing the same clothes, and there's a burnt pan on the stove.

They need help, and want to remain at home. You need in-home care.

Medicaid may help pay for some of your home health care if you qualify in the state of Idaho and the type of Medicaid plan you have.

Understanding Your Needs

The first thing you will need to do is write down all your needs, and be specific. Be sure to address hygiene, transportation, medical, etc.

During the initial consultation meeting, communicate your needs and who you are comfortable with having in your home. Caregiver preferences can be difficult to discuss, but they are an important part of making sure your home care experience is a successful one.

Key Questions for Service Agencies

When dealing with a business whose service is to provide personal care, you will want to know:

  • Can you provide a written list of specific services and rates?
  • Are you insured, what is your liability coverage?
  • Will you come to my home Free of charge for an evaluation?
  • Is your company available in emergencies or after-hours?
  • What is the minimum hours per week or per visit?
  • How do we make a schedule change? And how far in advance you need to cancel a visit?
  • What services will you not perform for my loved one?
  • Do you have a business office with set hours I can visit?
  • What professional staff do you have who are nurses, nutritionists, or therapists?
  • What types of background checks, drug tests, and driving records do you conduct?
  • Can I meet the caregivers prior to hiring your services?

  • It's also good to know who owns the company and how long they have been owner and serving your local Idaho town.

    What You Need To Know About Caregivers

  • What type of safety, first-aid, CPR, or special training do you have?
  • Are you an employee and protected under federal Worker's Compensation?
  • If you are sick or unable to work, who replaces you?
  • How do you track activity coming and going from my home?

  • You may find some personal care givers who are a certified nursing assistant (CNA) or home health aide (HHA).

    The more home care companies you interview, the more you will discover pros and cons.

    Your final decision relies heavily on the contact you have with a company’s employees and your overall impression of how the business operates.

    It can be challenging finding a care provider who meets all your needs. We hope this guide helps in your desicion process.

    Author: Jewel's Home Care

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